How it works?

When you set an alarm clock, you can choose actions that the alarm clock will attempt to perform if you do not wake up:

However, Greedy Alarm will not start doing nasty things immediately. First, it will give you several warnings:

When the alarm time comes, the alarm clock will start making its usual alert sound and will do it for 180 sec. You can turn off the sound by pressing Snooze. You can only use this option once.

If you do not turn off the alarm within 180 sec, then 60 sec before Greedy Alarm starts doing nasty things a warning signal will sound. It cannot be muted. The only way to get rid of it is to disable the alarm.

If the alarm clock has not been disabled, it will perform the designated actions. Some actions are performed immediately (e.g. sending an SMS), while others are not. For example, deducting money from an account will take 15 sec. During all this time an alert signal will sound. You can cancel the action by disabling the alarm.

When the alarm clock has finished performing the designated actions, it will turn off.
Remember that Greedy Alarm will complete its task whether your phone is turned on or not, since all actions are performed on the server.

Who our users are?

If what is written below is about you, then feel free to try out Greedy Alarm.

When you set an alarm

  • You sincerely want to wake up at the time set
  • You know why you have to get up.

When you oversleep, you feel

  • Anger: at yourself and people around you
  • Fatigue: even if you slept more than enough to get a good sleep.
  • Loss: lost time is never found again.

When you get up, you feel

  • Joy: already 20-30 minutes after waking up

However, if you do not experience such feelings, do not get enough sleep or do not know why get up at all - our project cannot help you.

Why it works?

The human brain is never 100% asleep, but it also needs some time to wake up. When we hear an alarm, it is sometimes enough to use only that part of your consciousness, which is required to remove the stimulus – the alarm. At the same time the main portion of the brain may remain inactive. For this reason many people are unable to perceive the reality adequately as they are waking up. Greedy Alarm makes the whole of your brain wake up. This happens due to the fact that the problem you have to solve is no less serious than the one, because of which you are getting up in the first place. And it has to be solved immediately.

Example: You appointed an important business meeting at 10:00am and set the alarm for 08:00am. If you are late for the meeting, you will not sign a lucrative contract and may get fired from the job or will just look ridiculous in the eyes of your colleagues and partners. What happens next:

  • 8:15 Brain: ‘…If I get dressed quickly, I’ll make it in time’
  • 8:30 ‘... I can skip breakfast, then I’ll make it’
  • 8:50 ‘Z z z ...’
  • ….
  • 9:30 ‘I’VE OVERSLEPT!’

If you are unfamiliar with the situation you can stop reading now, this service is not for you.

With Greedy Alarm:

  • 8:00 - The alarm clock is ringing
  • You have no excuses – it’s really about to happen right now. You wake up at once, as if cold water were poured on you.

You need to take some action to avoid a real danger. And it has to be a conscious action: you won’t be able to cover our server with a pillow .The problem is thus transferred from the future into the present and you cannot put off its solution for later, so you have to wake up now.As you will be using our application your brain will quickly be trained to wake up entirely. This is possible – remember the soldiers that get up on command.After a while you will also be able to do without an alarm clock. But this effect can only be achieved, if you follow certain reasonable recommendations:

  • Get enough sleep. You cannot live without sleep. An average person needs to sleep from 6 to 10 hours a day. If you regularly fall behind on sleep, the fatigue will accumulate over time and no alarm clock will be able to make it go away.
  • Do not sleep in. People who sleep more than 8-10 hours a day live on average 5 years less. Consider sleeping in a dangerous disease and Greedy Alarm - a medication that will eliminate its cause.
  • Our motivation does not suit all people. Read about Who Our Users Are, if you are in doubt whether it will suit you.
  • When you are setting the alarm – tell yourself why exactly you are going to wake up. It is recommended to indicate that reason in the alarm’s name: when you do it you are programming your brain.
  • Dismiss any thought that you might oversleep. The consequences of the alarm clock’s actions must be important to you. If once in a while you can let yourself oversleep and the Greedy Alarm take action you will not learn to wake up by yourself. Those are exactly the kind of losers we make money on.

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