Alarm clock’s actions

If the alarm clock is not disabled in time, it can take one or more actions:

Grab money

If you have an account with PayPal, the alarm clock can deduct a certain amount from it. You can set the time period, during which the amount will be deducted. If you stop the alarm clock before the period expires – only a part of the amount will be deducted. For example, you set the alarm for 10:00 with a limit of $100 and the deduction period of 3 min, and then you disable the alarm one minute into the deduction period. In such case $33 will be deducted from your account.
In order to implement this function we use Authorization & Capture. When you set the alarm you reserve money on your PayPal account. The money remains on the account and will only be deducted, if the alarm is not turned off in time. If that happens, the amount deducted will be credited to the account of the developers of GreedyAlarm as a donation.By turning the alarm off via the mobile application or on the website you cancel the transaction. You can also cancel the payment through your personal area at

Post a message

The alarm clock can post a message on your page in the Facebook or other social network. For example: “{actionpost_def_message}”.

Coming soon

Send SMS

The alarm clock can send an SMS to your friends and colleagues. Example message: “My master cannot wake up – help me wake him up”. Or “I’m going to sleep in. Start the meeting without me.”

Coming soon

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