How it works

Greedy Alarm

This is an alarm clock for Android-based smartphones that can do some nasty things. If you set an alarm and do not wake up - it can perform some unpleasant action. For example, deduct money from your PayPal account. It is a harsh, but effective method for you to stop oversleeping.

No Deposits
Pay only if you overslept. The money is deducted directly from your PayPal account and only if the alarm is not disabled. No commissions or deposits.
It’s Secure
You independently confirm the transaction on the PayPal website when you set an alarm.
Works in a cloud
The alarm is synchronized with This means that you cannot just turn off your phone to stop the alarm.

This application is not for everyone and may not suit you. Before installing it, read the information about who and how can use it for their benefit.

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